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Renew Rations

Silicone food pouch

When I thought about making a reusable pouch THE most important factor was convenience. I needed for it to be super EASY to fill and clean. So we made the mouth size huge, a whopping 1.5 inch lid so it was easily cleaned in the dishwasher and so I wouldn’t need to track down a funnel to fill it up as we were racing out the door to the bus. I did not want to have to worry about anything getting into the seams so we made it a seamless, single-pour pouch.

And it had to be able to withstand me… and kids. Truth is, I am not very graceful, nor am I easy on my stuff… it won’t last around here if it’s fragile or delicate. So it had to be able to withstand being tossed into coolers, or my purse, or my kids backpack. Leak proof please!

Made with MEDICAL GRADE silicone

Our children’s bodies have more chemicals and plastic than ever before.  If you don’t believe me, google it, you’ll find dozens of articles from reliable sources.  The pouches are made entirely of medical or “platinum grade” silicone for just that reason.  They have been tested and contain NO TRACE of BPA’s, phthalates, PVC or PFAS.  All our products have CPC certificates (they comply with children’s product safety rules).  We care a lot about your children, and are so grateful that you trust us in your home.

Ready for any adventure, in any life stage.

Renew Rations

Silicone food pouch

We think the coolest part is that it is built to last.  Snag it now while your kids are toddlers, and use it as they age.  Its function after toddlerhood is withstanding.  And that means a whole lot to us.  Frankly we are honored you brought us into your home; to do the every day.  Because the small everyday adds up to a fantastic adventure.  Thanks for allowing us to be a part of it!

We hope you’ll come back and share adventures. We cannot wait to see them!

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And here's the best part

you’re not just doing good for your family, but for the whole darn planet too! High-fives to you, my fellow hero, for ditching those pesky plastic single-use pouches that mess up the environment. You’re teaching the next generation to be eco-friendly and mindful of the world around them – one snack at a time.

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Easy to Fill

Easy to Clean

Planet Friendly

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