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We outshine our competitor!
  •  Easy to wash & fill: Widest mouth on the market. (Ours is 1.5″ vs the other guys is 0.75″.)
  •  No seams: Our reusable pouch is a single pour 100% silicone. (Nearly every competitor has seams that trap food, moisture, or worse.)
  • We are leak proof: We pass many toddler squeeze tests & bottom of the backpack tests too!
  • Safe for your family: I have young children and these HAD to be safe for them. I believe the highest integrity is needed for our children. We tested EVERY portion of these pouches with a 3rd party testing service.  This product passed every test, and showed no traces of lead, no PVC, no BPA and no phlathate. Nothing but 100% food grade silicone!
I've never owned a reusable silicone pouch before:
  • My lid is very secure!  Pull me off like you are pulling out a cork, I don’t spin off.
  • Wash before you use me the first time.
  • Fill me with delicious foods and enjoy on your adventures!
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Hi! My name is Mo, Creator of Renew Rations. I’m a bit of a one woman show, but I use “us” and “we” all the time, because I don’t feel alone. My family helps me immeasurably and I talk to people all the time in this biz – so when I think about this journey, I think about “us” and what “we” are up to. I hope you’ll join me – in creating fantastic, functional products for your family and for mine; for being a part of the highs and growth; learning how to stay focused and how to just be in the moment as a parent and spouse. This is the good stuff – I can feel it!

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