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About Us

Renew Rations was born from a place of need. Partially I’ve ALWAYS wanted my own business. But the other part, I wanted great products. And it would shock you how many times I went looking for something, and it just wasn’t there. Or the options were not excellent (aka hard to clean… (my gosh if I have to have a special brush or the words hand wash only are on it… no thank you, you can go to someone else’s house). And I don’t know who impressed it upon me, probably one of my incredible teachers, but if the world has a need and you can fix it, then you should!
Our goal

You're not just doing good for your family, but for the whole darn planet too! High-fives to you, my fellow hero


Create much needed, useful products for your families.


Do better for the next generation. Be as transparent as you can be. Give generously


Show up and do your best, for yourself, for your family and your friends. If that isn’t enough, then those aren’t your people.

What's her name?

Hi, I'm Mo

I love people. And farmers markets. The smell of lavender and listening to people laugh.  My kids bring me the greatest delight and I look forward to them going back to school.  I have a huge group of friends and I don’t ever plan to change that. My favorite hobby is introducing awesome people to other awesome people and watching their friendship grow.  I cannot say “no” to going on a walk or eating dark chocolate.  We don’t dust in the house– we should seriously look into hiring someone to do that, because   …we needs it!

Mo is an abbreviation of my maiden name that I snagged in college.  It’s a funny story, I’m sure I’ll tell you about it sometime over a warm drink.  I look forward to it actually.  Until then you can visit my happenings here or on social, I’m much easier to contact on social actually!  Facebook, Insta and TikTok are my usual haunts.

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